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Welcome to the next production of Blitzscaling!

Since the launch of our book, and after the Stanford class, Chris Yeh and I have received many questions from entrepreneurs who want more details on how to blitzscale their companies.

We want to answer the questions at scale!

That’s why we’re working with the team at Greylock Partners to release the Blitzscaling Podcast, a multi-part series of podcast episodes that dives deep into the details of blitzscaling.

In the Blitzscaling Podcast, Chris and I (and sometimes special guests) discuss the concrete best practices of blitzscaling. Each episode covers a specific topic within blitzscaling, such as how your role as a founder evolves as you blitzscale.

We believe this will be a terrific complement to my other podcast, Masters of Scale, which will continue to cover many different industries and geographies via conversations with legendary scale leaders. Masters of Scale will continue to demonstrate new theories through the stories of our amazing guests. The Blitzscaling podcast will answer specific, detailed questions from entrepreneurs, employees, investors, and others involved directly in building these lightning-fast massive companies. In short, the Blitzscaling Podcast will supplement the inspiration of Masters of Scale with tips, tricks, and techniques specific to blitzscaling.

We also intend for this to be an interactive process; we want to answer your most pressing and important questions! If you have a specific blitzscaling question you’d like us to answer on the podcast, you can tweet your question with the hashtag “#AskReid,” and we may answer it on a future episode.

Like any other entrepreneurial product, we will evolve as we go. So, we’re launching quickly, and we’re certainly embarrassed by our first product release. So now, please enjoy the first episode of the Blitzscaling Podcast, our overview on Strategy.

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